Speer Technologies

Winners of the 2022 Business Innovation Award

At Speer Technologies, innovation is at the forefront of their business model as they build technology solutions for companies in web 2 and web 3 with unique ideas. The company gives their partners access to designers and developers from the biggest STEM companies resulting in intuitive, scalable and beautifully produced technology that often results in patents or is claimable through SRED.At Speer Technologies, they have a track record of successfully rolling out products and have launched and supported over 30 applications.A good example of how they measure innovation is the NFT launch for ChillRX in February 2022. Key members of the company's team flew to Los Angeles for all of January and February to build and support the launch. They facilitated the creation of smart contacts, handled transactions, generated 9,999 3D NFTs for the collection and designed as well as developed a fully custom landing page to promote the NFT drop.Throughout this process, Speer had multiple opportunities and goals for innovation that needed to be tracked and measured. With a tight timeline of 3 months in total to roll out the project as it coincided with a huge marketing campaign that involved studio sessions at a notable recording studio in Hollywood, Record Plant, all funded by Atlantic Records.Their business-oriented goal was to provide proof of concept for music NFTs and music DAOs that they could leverage to show record labels and artists the value of NFTs.Speer Technologies were able to make USD 2.8 Million in 10 hours on mint and an additional USD 2.3 million in secondary sales. With a 14% fee on each transation, the ChillRX project received 174,000 USD in royalties from secondary sales.

The Malcolm Baldrige Quality Framework, which highlights customer satisfaction, workforce empowerment, and increased productivity, has now come to symbolize the commitment to excellence globally.