Dinh Thuy Phuong

Winner of the 2023 Women of Influence Award

Dinh Thuy Phuong, a distinguished Vietnamese national, is recognized for her exceptional contributions in business, innovation, and community development. She received the prestigious Global Excellence Assembly 2023 Women of Influence Award in recognition of her remarkable accomplishments. Phuong's latest achievement includes her role as the Co-Founder of Mana.st Co., Ltd., where she is dedicated to providing job opportunities and vocational courses to current and former drug addicts, helping them rebuild their lives.

Phuong's journey began as a volunteer teacher at drug addiction rehabilitation centers, where she witnessed the high unemployment rate among drug addicts, contributing to their ongoing struggles. In response, she founded Mana.st Co., Ltd. in 2020, with a mission to empower drug addicts through employment and vocational training, facilitating their successful reintegration into society.

Phuong's commitment to creating positive change extends beyond addressing addiction issues. Mana.st has made significant contributions to sustainable development goals through initiatives such as the Reed-based Bio Circular Green Eco-system. This innovative system addresses reed invasion in agricultural lands, benefiting farmers by increasing their income and reducing air and heat pollution caused by burning reeds. Additionally, Phuong's company has developed pro-health zero-waste eco-products, promoting good health, responsible consumption and production, and environmental sustainability.

In recognition of her remarkable achievements, dedication to social impact, and innovative solutions, Dinh Thuy Phuong was honored with the Global Excellence Assembly 2023 Women of Influence Award. Her relentless pursuit of positive change serves as an inspiration to others and exemplifies the power of entrepreneurship and social responsibility in creating a better world.

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