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Frequently Asked Questions

Global Excellence Assembly Awards

The Global Excellence Assembly Awards are a chance for you to reap the rewards your hard work deserves. Our Award program offer something different from the Lean Six Sigma, ISO, Magnet, and other methodologies or strategies. We are driven by the Baldrige Criteria with determination to offer an organization-wide perspective that optimizes an entire system rather than just focusing on pockets of excellence.


Award nominees are not required to be Americans to apply or win an award at Global Excellence Assembly. As the name implies, we are a global organization and we allow entries from all countries of the world to participate, as long as they meet the requirement criteria to be considered for the award.

How do I enter the Awards?

Entries must be completed in accordance with the terms and conditions and received by the closing date to be considered as an award entrant. All confirmed entrants will receive an email with instructions and other clarifications in case anything is unclear. Award Entries can be completed online in the Apply page on our website.

Is there a limit in answering the Awards Criteria?

No, there isn’t any limit in answering the Awards Criteria. We believe in quality instead of quantity. The aim of the entry is to provide judges with an understanding of your business that best reflects your passion and dedication. Responses do not need to be lengthy but should be clear and precise and should include supporting material.


No. At Global Excellence Assembly, we only award 15% out of the shortlisted applicants. Judges will decide who should win based on the content of the entry and can eliminate entries based on areas such as an incomplete entry form, inability to meet the awards criteria or unsuitable eligibility requirements, and failure to provide supporting documentation to back up the award nomination.


At Global Excellence Assembly, you do not pay for your trophy, certificate, or even to enter the awards. We feature our winners for free on all our social medias, we list them on our winners’ page on our website, and write & publish a release on our website dedicated to them and their achievement in exchange for absolutely nothing! The only cost you will need to cover is the assessment fee.


There are two assessment phases throughout the application process: The Internal Desk Assessment & the External Desk Assessment. The Internal Desk Assessment is conducted within our department at Global Excellence Assembly. This means that our internal team will be the first to evaluate you as per our applicant quality check policies to make sure you are eligible for nomination before invoicing you for the assessment process. In case we conclude that you don’t meet the standard criteria, we will inform you before you go any further with your application, hence, it won't be necessary to invoice for the assessment. As per the payment methods available, you can pay via bank transfer, or via credit card. Please note that credit card payments are immediate, however, we do use Stripe as a third party for this type of payment, which means that an additional Stripe fee of $150 applies.


A percentage score from 0 to 100 in increments of 10 is given to each Criteria item. We evaluate each examination item on approach/deployment or results. The scores are then reviewed by a national panel of external assessors without knowledge of the specific companies/ individuals. The higher scoring applications enter a consensus stage in which the external examiners discuss variations in individual scores and arrive at consensus scores for each item. The panel then reviews the scores and selects the highest scoring applicants for a final review. At this point, the examiners get in touch with the internal assessors at Global Excellence Assembly to resolve issues that are unclear before making the final decision. All information is kept strictly confidential, and examiners are bound by conflict of interest rules and a code of conduct.

How will I know if I have won?

Each and every application is assessed individually, which means that the results will be emailed to each applicant respectively to  inform them on the results of their nomination. To receive a shortlisting notice, it will take a maximum of 7 days. To receive the final decision will take an additional 3-5 days after the shortlisting notice.

What do the winners get?

All winners will receive a personalized trophy with their name and recognition title engraved; an official Certificate of Excellence; exposure in the Global Excellence Assembly socials and website, and PR feature in three of the following US medias (Fox News, MarketWatch, Digital Journal, NBC, Influencive, Forbes, Bloomberg, among others).

Global Excellence Assembly Awards

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The Global Excellence Assembly Awards are open to individuals, companies, government agencies, and healthcare organizations that believe the Baldrige Criteria align with their management philosophy, business scope and type, and management environment, and want to benchmark their performance.

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