Wherever you are located –  we want to acknowledge the incredible creativity, innovation, performance, and anything you contribute to the face and reputation of the  industry you represent.

- Global Excellence Assembly
Global Excellence Assembly


Entries for the Global Excellence Assembly Awards 2023 First Edition are open until 28th of February, 5:00 PM EST!

Businesses/ Non Profits & Corps

The Businesses/ Non Profits & Corporations category serves to recognize companies and corporations across all industries and regions. These awards endeavor to be an accurate representation of excellence in business.

Healthcare Organizations

The Healthcare Awards recognize and reward excellence in the healthcare sector from both State and privately funded healthcare organizations (hospitals, laboratory services, clinics, etc).


The Individual Awards are given only in recognition of very distinguished individual service. Recipients are noted for their contributions to their field, contributions given, and performance results and are recognized nationally & internationally as leaders in their respective fields.

Government Organizations

The Government Organizations categories are entitled to recognize highly established cultures of excellence and developments of Governmental capabilities while empowering outstanding expertise and Excellence in Knowledge Management.


According to and inspired by the Baldrige Excellence Framework for Performance Excellence.

Please note: Occasionally, we might require additional supporting documentation in case anything is unclear or a criterion has not been covered completely/ correctly. However, we do suggest you to consult with us before getting started on your application to make sure everything is clear to you.

"The ultimate competitive advantage is the organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly"
— Jack Welch


One-on-one interview to be conducted with the eligible applicants, as appropriate, upon receiving the answers to the criteria items. Please note that supporting documents are mandatory. Types of documents you can submit include: your Resume, list of achievements or past awards won (if any), summary of your projects/ initiatives / publications (if any) and results or outcomes, two landscape pictures of yourself, and a brief statement (either written or through a video) where you explain why you are applying for an award and why you believe you should win.

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."
—  Vince Lombardi
Global Excellence Assembly Awards

Shape your success

The Global Excellence Assembly Awards are available to individuals, companies, government agencies and healthcare organizations that see the Baldrige Criteria suitable for their management philosophy, scope/type/scale of business, and management environment and want to see where they stand!