Wherever you are located –  we want to acknowledge the incredible creativity, innovation, performance, and anything you contribute to the face and reputation of the  industry you represent.

- Global Excellence Assembly
Global Excellence Assembly


The Global Excellence Assembly Awards 2023 First Edition is currently accepting entries until 5:00 PM EST on March 23rd. For those unable to submit before the deadline, a late submission date is available until 5:00 PM EST on April 16th.

Businesses/ Non Profits & Corps

The Businesses/ Non Profits & Corporations category is intended to acknowledge companies and corporations across all sectors and regions. These awards aim to be a true manifestation of excellence in business operations.

Healthcare Organizations

The Healthcare Awards acknowledge and celebrate excellence within the healthcare industry, across both publicly and privately funded healthcare organizations, including hospitals, laboratory services, clinics, and more.


The Individual Awards are bestowed in recognition of exceptional individual service. Honorees are acknowledged for their contributions to their field, services rendered, and performance results, and are acknowledged as preeminent figures both nationally and internationally in their specific areas of expertise.

Government Organizations

The Government Organizations categories are designed to acknowledge the development of exceptional cultures of excellence and the improvement of governmental capabilities, thus recognising outstanding proficiency and excellence in knowledge management.


According to and inspired by the Baldrige Excellence Framework for Performance Excellence.

Kindly be informed that in certain instances, supplementary documentation may be requested in the event of any ambiguities or if any criterion has been inadequately addressed. Nonetheless, it is advisable to consult with us prior to commencing your application to ensure that all aspects are fully understood.


It is imperative to note that the submission of supporting documents is mandatory. These may include: your Curriculum Vitae, a catalogue of accomplishments or prior accolades (if any), a synopsis of your endeavors/ initiatives/ publications (if any) and their outcomes, at least one photograph of yourself, and any other relevant materials that may assist in the evaluation of your application.

Global Excellence Assembly Awards

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The Global Excellence Assembly Awards are open to individuals, companies, government agencies, and healthcare organizations that believe the Baldrige Criteria align with their management philosophy, business scope and type, and management environment, and want to benchmark their performance.

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