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- Global Excellence Assembly

Global Excellence Assembly

Global Excellence Assembly is a New York-based organization that is dedicated to promoting and recognizing performance excellence through the use of the Baldrige Excellence Framework - a proven methodology for helping organizations improve their performance and achieve long-term success. Global Excellence Assembly is committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence, and its awards program is a key part of this effort.

Business Excellence

Is Much More Than Having a Quality System in Place!

At Global Excellence Assembly, we prioritize using the Baldrige Excellence Framework Criteria for Performance Excellence to drive organizational improvement and success. This framework takes a holistic view of an organization's operations and focuses on optimizing the entire system rather than just isolated areas of excellence. To ensure the most deserving candidates are recognized, we have designed a rigorous and objective evaluation process that is resistant to political pressures and transparent. Our evaluation process is based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence model, which consists of several key components, including leadership, analysis and knowledge management, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement, workforce focus, operations focus, and results. By aligning with this excellence model, organizations can transform their operations and achieve long-term success. At Global Excellence Assembly, we are committed to recognizing and promoting the achievements of those who have adopted this holistic approach and achieved exceptional results.


International Awards Program

We proudly present our esteemed international awards program, a distinguished platform honoring individuals of unparalleled merit across a broad spectrum of disciplines. This auspicious occasion is designed to recognize and celebrate exceptional achievements of unparalleled distinction and significance. Our program embodies a spirit of excellence, and we invite you to join us in applauding the superlative accomplishments of our esteemed honorees.

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Coordinated Accreditation & Approval Program

We are proud to collaborate with several US accreditation entities, including semi-governmental organizations and standard creators, to offer this distinguished accreditation and approval program. Our initiative upholds the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and effectiveness to ensure that only the most exceptional certificate programs are granted global accreditation and our seal of approval. This recognition signifies an unwavering commitment to excellence in education, regardless of whether the program is offered by government entities, faculties, training centers, or healthcare organizations.

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Designations Program

The Global Excellence Assembly Designations Program is a prestigious qualification program that recognizes exceptional proficiency and expertise in various domains. This program provides three types of qualifications, including Competency Certificates, Industry Qualified Programs, and Quality Verification Seals. These qualifications serve as distinguished symbols of excellence and expertise, highlighting an individual's or organization's commitment to acquiring specialized skills and abilities, and meeting the highest standards of excellence set forth by Global Excellence Assembly.

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Global Excellence Assembly Awards

Shape your success
The Global Excellence Assembly Awards are open to individuals, companies, government agencies, and healthcare organizations that believe the Baldrige Criteria align with their management philosophy, business scope and type, and management environment, and want to benchmark their performance.

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