Wherever you are located –  we want to acknowledge the incredible creativity, innovation, performance, and anything you contribute to the face and reputation of the  industry you represent.

- Global Excellence Assembly

Global Excellence Assembly Awards

The Global Excellence Assembly Awards series run twice a year and are judged by a team of international, industry leading experts who follow a rigorous judging process that fairly examines all entries in an ethical and transparent way. To determine which organizations and individuals will get shortlisted or win, the judges look only at blinded scoring data, thus avoiding any conflicts of interest and ensuring the integrity of the award process. The scoring data are produced by evaluation teams composed of trained volunteers and Baldrige examiners, who themselves are competitively selected each cycle based on experience and expertise.

Business Excellence

Is Much More Than Having a Quality System in Place!

At Global Excellence Assembly we are driven by the Baldrige Excellence Framework Criteria for Performance Excellence with determination to offer an organization-wide perspective that optimizes an entire system rather than just focusing on pockets of excellence.

The  evaluation process is rigorous, and designed to be objective and tamper proof against political pressures. Suc an excellence model is one of the forces and facilitators of a highly successful organization transformation.

The Criteria for Performance Excellence – or, CPE – model is composed of several key components: leadership; analysis, and knowledge management; strategic planning; customer focus; measurement, workforce focus; operations focus; and finally, the importance of results.

Global Excellence Assembly Awards

Shape your success

The Global Excellence Assembly Awards are available to individuals, companies, government agencies and healthcare organizations that see the Baldrige Criteria suitable for their management philosophy, scope/type/scale of business, and management environment and want to see where they stand!