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Make Your Mark with a Global Excellence Assembly Award

At Global Excellence Assembly, we believe that awards are the perfect choice for organizations and individual professionals who are committed to excellence. Our awards program provides the opportunity to be recognized and validated for your achievements, network with other industry leaders, learn from experts in the field, and differentiate yourself from competitors. In addition, winning an award can be a powerful marketing tool and a source of pride and motivation for employees. If you want to advance your career and achieve long-term success, consider applying for a Global Excellence Assembly Award and join the ranks of our esteemed winners.


Global Excellence Assembly Awards: 2023 Edition

16th of May, 5:00 PM EST

A celebration and a chance to come together to recognize best practices by individuals & organizations that are inspiring others through their passion and commitment towards continuous development.

Late Submission Date:

23rd of June, 5:00 PM EST

2023 Edition

Ready to differentiate yourself from competitors and gain industry recognition?

Awards programs provide numerous benefits for businesses that seek to distinguish themselves from competitors and receive industry recognition. Winning awards can validate achievements, enhance marketing and networking opportunities, and improve reputation, which in turn can lead to greater visibility and trustworthiness within the industry.

Research conducted by the University of Texas shows that companies that have won awards experience higher sales growth and stock price return than those that have not. Participating in awards programs can also serve as a benchmarking opportunity to evaluate against top performers in the field and identify areas for improvement.

Judges' feedback and the evaluation process can provide valuable insights into emerging trends and best practices. In addition to external benefits, recognition through awards programs can have a positive impact on employee motivation and job satisfaction, leading to higher engagement and retention rates, increasing employee productivity by 44% and reducing employee turnover by 27%.


Above the Competition

GEA Awards Evaluation Framework

The Malcolm Baldrige Excellence Framework for Performance Excellence, in combination with international frameworks and GEA's standards, represents a cutting-edge approach to assessing and recognizing performance excellence in today's market. It is highly beneficial for all entities, including government entities, corporations, organizations, and individuals, as it provides a comprehensive, globally-oriented evaluation of performance that encompasses a wide range of critical areas.

Our integrated framework combines the basic principles of the Baldrige model with other frameworks, such as ISO 9001, EFQM, and others, to provide a more holistic and all-encompassing approach. This allows us to take a global perspective and offer a more comprehensive view of performance excellence across a broad range of industries and organizations.

Using our integrated framework, entities can benefit from a rigorous, data-driven evaluation that assesses their performance in key areas such as leadership, strategy, customers, workforce, operations, results, and societal impact. This structured and comprehensive approach to performance management can lead to improved outcomes, increased competitiveness, and greater success in the marketplace.

the path

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Application Roadmap

The Global Excellence Assembly Award Program has a comprehensive and multi-faceted application process to ensure that only the most deserving and distinguished candidates are acknowledged. Nominees can be referred by past winners, reached through targeted media outreach, or nominated online through our website.

It is worth highlighting that the completion of the entry form is only a preliminary indication of the candidate's intent to participate or nominate. To officially apply, the application must be submitted via email and pass our eligibility assessment for expedited and streamlined processing.

Our dedicated team is available to assist nominees throughout the application process, ensuring that all documentation adheres strictly to the guidelines. Once completed applications and supporting documentation are received, we perform an internal assessment and prepare a comprehensive feedback report.

Nominees who pass our internal assessment are then shortlisted and informed that their application will advance to the external assessment stage, which requires an additional fee. This fee is contingent on the complexity of the award criteria and upholds our operational policy and conflict of interest. If the external assessment is successful, nominees receive an official email lauding their achievement and bestowing prestigious deliverables, including a certificate, an award trophy, a letter of congratulation, an Internal Feedback Report (for organizations), exclusive media coverage, valuable information about the upcoming event, and networking opportunities.

Global Excellence Assembly Awards

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The Global Excellence Assembly Awards are open to individuals, companies, government agencies, and healthcare organizations that believe the Baldrige Criteria align with their management philosophy, business scope and type, and management environment, and want to benchmark their performance.

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