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Wherever you are located –  we want to acknowledge the incredible creativity, innovation, performance, and anything you contribute to the face and reputation of the  industry you represent.

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Make Your Mark with a Global Excellence Assembly Award

At Global Excellence Assembly, we believe that awards are the perfect choice for organizations and individual professionals who are committed to excellence. Our awards program provides the opportunity to be recognized and validated for your achievements, network with other industry leaders, learn from experts in the field, and differentiate yourself from competitors. In addition, winning an award can be a powerful marketing tool and a source of pride and motivation for employees. If you want to advance your career and achieve long-term success, consider applying for a Global Excellence Assembly Award and join the ranks of our esteemed winners.


2023 Global Excellence Assembly Awards: The 1st Edition

28th of February, 5:00 PM EST

A celebration and a chance to come together to recognize best practices by individuals & organizations that are inspiring others through their passion and commitment towards continuous development.
Global Excellence Assembly Awards

Shape your success

The Global Excellence Assembly Awards are open to individuals, companies, government agencies, and healthcare organizations that believe the Baldrige Criteria align with their management philosophy, business scope and type, and management environment, and want to benchmark their performance.